L33T - And Other Words Of All Kinds

FR for Larryboy

Lately there have been a few women that I see everyday. Not in any sort of context, mind you, just in passing. And everytime I see them, I say "Hey," and move on (mainly because I have class and don't have the time to stop and properly pick them up). The past few days, though, I've discovered a powerful term to pin on them. Once, as I passed each one of them individually, I stopped them and said, "Are you stalking me? Because, you know, that happens to me alot. You could at least be original." This was usually met with laughter and a quick, "Yeah, I think you're stalking ME" from them.. So, for the next few days, when I inevitably ran into them, I'd pull out, "Still stalking me, eh?" The other day it all culminated. I'd been trying to think of a way to set up a less passerby-type meeting, playing on the stalker bit. I ran into one of the HB's on my way back from class this morning (HBGreek) and without thinking said, "You know, I think you should just suck it up and ask me out." Her response: "Ok." So, this last weekend (after that last bit), I saw her walking down our hall (she lives on the same hall) with some guy.. She turns around and I say, "Hey, stalker!" She jokes back with, "Hey, I think YOU are stalking ME." The guy she's with gives a really odd look and as they walk away I hear him say, "Is he really stalking you? I'm gonna go kick his ass." Definitely seems like some AFC, wannabe borefriend-type. The next day (still the weekend), I went outside to grab some of the free Chinese food that was being cooked up by the Chinese club (imagine that). As I was returning with my plate, I see HBGreek at a circular table outside, I walk over and jump on one of the chairs, starting up the fluff talk immediately. All of this was going fine, mind you, when 2 minutes into our conversation, AFC-wannabe sits down from out of nowhere. It doesn't phase me, I just keep talking like he isn't there, but she just shuts down. She won't look me in the eye and won't tease back at me, etc. I look over at him and he has this smirk on his face, like he's got me beat. Not wanting to compound the situation (she was already uncomfortable enough), I ejected with a "See ya around" and a threw a you-don't-have-the-first-clue look at the AFC as I walked away. That screwed up his state, I think, because his look changed from smug asshole to what-the-hell-I-thought-I-had-control. LOL... He obviously didn't know who he was dealing with. Anyway, today I was walking back from my class (made some GREAT EC with some HB9's and basically just had a great morning flirting with my eyes). I turn a corner and here, "Hey!" I turn around and there's HBGreek and her friend behind me. I nod and turn around to keep walking (why does she deserve MY attention?). She walks briskly to catch up with me and she says, "Are you stalking me?" Just as I had to begin talking to her. Before I can say anything, her friend pipes off with, "Well, technically, Roxanne, YOU are behind HIM.. so that makes you the stalker." I smiled and agreed, introducing myself to her friend (being friends with an HB's friends is key) and joke about it a little. Then HBGreek says, "You know, I really need to ask you out," then relates the story of me saying "You really should just suck it up and ask me out," to her friend, who laughed in a fun way. I said, "Yeah, if you're lucky I might let you take me out to coffee or something," and turned my back again and WALKED AWAY. I'm sure to see her tomorrow (as always) and my plan is to say something like, "FINE, since you obviously aren't brave enough to ask good looking guys out yourself, I'll ask myself out FOR you." And make plans to watch Friends that night. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Comments? Suggestions?


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