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  September 9, 2002

She's Calling Down The Fire - L33T

More English Literature fun today. The same dumb I'm-better-than-you asshat decided to open her mouth yet again today. With truly stupifying results. Our professor decided to compare a poem to the teeny-pop icon, Britney Spears. Now, before I'm hung by my ankles and my hair set on fire, hear this one out. Keiko-the-Asshat decides to say the following:

"She's a great singer, but she doesn't have it up here." *points to head*

I have two problems with this. #1) How the hell does she know how intelligent a celebrity is? I'm not saying that Big-Boobs-Brtiney is a rocket scientist, but geez. #2) "Great singer?" What the fuck?! I dont' know what planet ole Keiko is comin' from, but here most of us (see People Over 12-Years-Old) consider synthesized voices to be a complete and utter mark of shame on the music industry. In any case, I responded to #1 with the following:

"Yeah, because we know you MUST have met her. And you being the most intelligent person in this room, you surely are the best judge of someone's intelligence."

Everyone, even the professor, laughed a little at that one. Maybe I should change majors and become a professional insulter.

  September 6, 2002

College-educated morons - L33T

Ok, I was in my English Literature class this morning trying to make sense of a Wordsworth poem while simultaneously fighting to stay awake (note to self: get MORE than 5 hours next time). We're split up into groups for the analysis and I've got a pretty decent bunch. However, there's always ONE, isn't there? In my group's case, the one turned out to be a 350 lb whale with a Superman t-shirt and the analytical skills of a dyslexic 4-year-old. But she thought she was the proverbail shiznat and proceeded to try and tear down everything I brought up. So after a couple run-ins with this self-proclaimed genius, I just give up and start making jokes. Here's how that went:

Me: Oh wait, we're supposed to have actually READ this in order to analyze it?

Group (minus Keiko-the-Asshat): *laughter*

Keiko-the-Asshat: Since I'm a dumbass, I will proceed to take your comment seriously, ignoring all other signs of humor... Yes, we were supposed to read. Why didn't you? I did.

Me: It was a joke... See how everyone else is laughing?

Keiko-the-Asshat: Did I mention I'm a dumbass?

Me: Yes, I believe you did. Now shut the hell up.

Ok, so maybe it didn't go EXACTLY like that.. But you get what I'm saying. I hate stupid people.

  September 5, 2002

Shameless plug - L33T

Any guys out there? Check out Rooshlog.com... If you like it, you might want to check out the bulletin board site linked from the log... Good stuff.

  September 4, 2002

Mom and Dad haven't had sex in a loonng time - L33T

Check this out.. A ghost is inhabiting a house in North Yorkshire. Funny part is that he's horny:

"It's stroked my knee and my hair several times. It's really creepy," said Mrs Morris, a mother of three.

"Once I was in the kitchen watching TV and I felt this hand stroking my leg. At first I thought it was Darren feeling romantic, but when I turned around to tell him off, there was no one there. My husband was in the other room.

Ok, I hate to bring this up, but I think Mrs. Morris NEEDS the ghost if she was about to "tell... off" her husband for arousing her. That's gotta make Mr. Morris feel very very inadequate. Hell, I would feel inadequate if a ghost was getting more from my wife than I was. Stupid specters.

  September 4, 2002

Stop Kitty Pr0n - L33T

Well, now the toy industry is just making me sick. Check this new Harry Potter toy out.. *sigh* Sick bastards...

Still don't get it? Ok, let me give you a hint:

*shudder* I feel dirty just posting this. Ahhh.. this makes me feel better.

  September 2, 2002

Fight On - L33T

Well, USC beat Auburn tonight... Happy times. I'm really really liking the college thing. Oh, and because I'm in such a good mood, here's a little something extra for you to have nightmares about:

Damn preppy rich boys.. Makes me sick.


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