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  June 27, 2002

Ramblings Of A Blind Man - L33T

I posted a new rant today on the ethics of debating/discussion. Hopefully it proves to be edifying in some odd way and will spark a DISCUSSION (just read it) that will leave both parties with a larger sense of self.

  June 26, 2002

May The Banner Yet Wave - L33T

The Star Spangled Banner
Alright, our nation is officially going straight down the proverbial tubes. Some federal court in San Fransisco has decided that "the Pledge of Allegiance is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion and cannot be recited in schools." What a crock. Just leave the "under God" part out if it bothers you that much. San Fransisco: Home of the irrational and unpatriotic. Check it out here.

  June 25, 2002

Goats Raped By Spiderman - L33T

Scientists have combined the DNA from a goat and spider to create an animal which produces silk that is five times stronger than steel. The fibre, derived from the goats' milk, harnesses the huge strength of silk spun by spiders.
The breakthrough could be worth millions because the silkmilk fibre can be used to make body armour which is far tougher than normal bullet-proof vests – while weighing little more than a cotton shirt.

Am I the only one stoked about the possiblity of wearing goat milk? Actually, I'll bet this guy is excited as can be.

  June 24, 2002

Crime And Punishment - L33T

A mom and dad decided Sunday to stop their 21-year-old daughter from seeing her married boyfriend by tying her to a bed with 30-pound chains, police said.
Guadalupe and David Mata admitted to locking their daughter with two "giant gate locks" to prevent her from going out, said Fullerton Police Lt. Danny Becerra.
An officer later found her spread-eagle on the bed with each arm and leg chained to a different bedpost.
"I guess these parents didn't approve of her dating this guy," Becerra said.

Hmm... You think the parents didn't want their daughter dating a married man, huh? That's pretty crazy because I think they chained her down to help her get deeper into her relationship with him. I'm telling you, those Fullerton Cops really know how to call 'em. I'll have to remember the chain thing when my daughter's dating someone I don't like... *maniacal grin*

  June 23, 2002

New And FIRST Rant! - L33T

Ok, I added a new rant today (the first in the section actually. If anyone is especially touchy on the whole religion issue, then you should probably avoid it... Actually, read it. That's why I wrote it. Get over to the rant section right now.

  June 20, 2002

This Stuff'll Clear Your Sinuses - L33T


The liquid that had just passed Surles' personal taste test was a homemade tea. It also was a home remedy, ready to be used, as Surles has used it countless times in her 78 years, to combat the common cold or a bout of flu.

The beverage is commonly called Many Weed Tea.

But its main ingredient is dried cow manure.

You've got to be freakin' kidding me. I wouldn't bring a cup of hot steamy cow-joe within a ten foot radius of my mouth. Take some over-the-counter tasteless pills or something. No thanks, I think I'm going to go crap out a home remedy now.
Eat More Chicken Crap

  June 19, 2002

Only Retards Use Cell Phones - L33T

Oh boy, the world is going to end... Soon. Check this out:

The study, conducted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland, found that exposing human cells to one hour of mobile phone radiation triggered a response which normally only occurs when cells are being damaged.

OK, now I've heard everything. Question: Who in the freakin' world is using a cellphone for a solid hour!? And using it for hour blocks every day. I couldn't do that for even a week before all of my minutes ran out. So, basically,only the brains of all the big-shot execs are going to explode any day now. Oh well, I guess that makes more room for me at the top...

Now Nobody's Takin' Your Candy - L33T

Just wanted to let everyone know that the new Live CD, V, is one of the coolest listening experiences I've ever had. I've always enjoyed Live's stuff, though I have yet to hear the first CD, Mental Jewelry. I'm sure it's rockin', though. So, for anybody who hasn't heard of Live... You suck, go out and by their CD right away to save your soul from eternal condemnation.


  June 18, 2002

Take Advantage Of Me! - L33T

I was thinking today, why in the world are women so afraid to make the first move on a guy? I think it is absolutely ridiculous to think that a guy will get uncomfortable if a woman tries to make the first move. I know plenty of guys that would be infinitely grateful to a girl for getting that bit out of the way. Really, ladies, you don't realize how incredibly difficult it is for us guys to know when to make a move. There are a couple great reasons why women should be more assertive:

Assertive Woman
Perfect Yet Teenly Example Of An Aggresive Woman

1) Women know when they feel comfortable with a move being made upon them. We men, not being psychics, are unable to know these things.

2) Women don't need to worry about whether or not a guy is ready to have a move made upon him. He's always ready.

So, ladies, take the pressure of the man and GO FOR IT! He'll be extremely thankful to you and the relationship will be able to progress without the F.M.S. (First Move Syndrome).


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