EddyYeh4: hey
republicancap: sorry, I forgot I had work earlier
republicancap: it's my first week on the job
republicancap: so I keep almost forgetting to go
EddyYeh4: no worries
EddyYeh4: roosh is an idiot
EddyYeh4: I feel bad for all the people on rooshlog
republicancap: good for you
republicancap: why is he an idiot?
EddyYeh4: serious
EddyYeh4: my friend got invited to the mystery lounge
EddyYeh4: and I saw some of the post roosh made on that board...
EddyYeh4: you should see it. He is such an AFC
republicancap: let's see it
EddyYeh4: I am not allow to do it but if you can get yourself to the mystery lounge
EddyYeh4: you will see it
republicancap: whatever you say
EddyYeh4: I am totally disapointed
EddyYeh4: whatever
republicancap: I'm sure you are
EddyYeh4: well rooshlog has gone to crap since I left
EddyYeh4: no one has any real field report
EddyYeh4: no one gets laid
EddyYeh4: a punch of AFCs complaining about things no one to answer them
EddyYeh4: a few of the rooshloger beg me to go back
EddyYeh4: but I was banned
republicancap: yes you were
EddyYeh4: not that I would go back either way
EddyYeh4: I do miss you all. I still don't know the reason behind roosh's little pissing session
republicancap: you were shovelling a lot of shit
republicancap: not roosh's fault
EddyYeh4: I never put up anything that didn't happen
republicancap: ok
EddyYeh4: none of what I put up is shit
republicancap: ok
EddyYeh4: if you want proof you can go to ASF and read my new lay report
EddyYeh4: I do it all the time
EddyYeh4: and as I said before I went on roosh log to try to learn how to lay nerds
EddyYeh4: no one there knows how to lay anything
EddyYeh4: including roosh so I end up helping people just trying to get laid
republicancap: ok
EddyYeh4: roosh is a real fool
EddyYeh4: but who cares
republicancap: apparently you do
republicancap: you're the one bitching about it
EddyYeh4: the real fools are the ones that believe him
EddyYeh4: well I guess I am
republicancap: I believe what I see.. and I've seen enough to believe
EddyYeh4: ha ha ha ha
EddyYeh4: only if you can read what he write on mystery lounge
EddyYeh4: sure
EddyYeh4: you believe in whatever you want to believe
republicancap: ok
EddyYeh4: he made you the moderator
republicancap: just recently
EddyYeh4: if you want to make real progress, I suggest you switch to fastseduction.com
EddyYeh4: rooshlog is crap without me
republicancap: I'm on both
EddyYeh4: none of you guys get laid
EddyYeh4: it's pathetic
republicancap: you believe what you want to believe, just like me
EddyYeh4: well yeah
EddyYeh4: none of you guys put on lay reports
EddyYeh4: you talk about music and useless shit like that
republicancap: ok
EddyYeh4: how are those things going to help you get laid?
EddyYeh4: I was very comfortable at rooshlog, but in hind sight I was really wasting my time
republicancap: ok
EddyYeh4: I met great people like coast dopp and you and flamboer
EddyYeh4: but either way
republicancap: yeah, you're still whining
republicancap: and it's been a month since you were banned
republicancap: get off it
EddyYeh4: i am going to be in mystery lounge very soon,
EddyYeh4: roosh and I will reunit
EddyYeh4: I ain't whining, I just thought you'd like to you that roosh is not who you think he is
republicancap: prove it
EddyYeh4: bust his balls
EddyYeh4: get on mystery lounge
EddyYeh4: or ask him about his mystery lounge application
EddyYeh4: ask him how he got on...
EddyYeh4: remember bellicore superstar?
republicancap: remember? he and i talk every other day
republicancap: yeah, I know him
EddyYeh4: he is on it and roosh used him to get on that board
republicancap: so what
republicancap: ?
EddyYeh4: how he got on? he took a mystery course
EddyYeh4: none of them are real PUAs
EddyYeh4: that got on that board the back door
republicancap: don't piss and moan because you have to do things through the front door
republicancap: you're cutting your own connections
EddyYeh4: you should read his application if you ever prove yourself worthy enough to be on mystery lounge
EddyYeh4: he beg them to let him on
EddyYeh4: it's pathetic
EddyYeh4: roosh is look down on at that lounge
EddyYeh4: he is a clown
republicancap: alright, I'm done listening to you rant and rave about Roosh.. You've said what you think is important, and I'm done...